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Have you tried our mobile app yet?

Why Get it?

  • Able to request reservations for whenever you need a ride, including for advanced bookings

  • Get an ETA for your chauffeur, track their location, and your vehicle comes up live on a map

  • Have your own profile to manage reservations, easy payment options, and get receipts on the spot

  • Get all inclusive rate quotes

  • Could download on your phone (apple or android) and could come up on a tablet

How to download it?

Just go to the app store or Google Play and download it in seconds... it is that easy!

Whether you have used our services before or not, sign up as a "New User".

If you have an account use the email we have for you on file and it will link automatically to your existing profile!

If you are having any issues logging in call Jay at 973-240-0040 or send an email to

Enjoy instant ride bookings at the touch of your fingertips!

Download now

Apple devices:

Android devices:

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