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Snow Safety

Importance of Cleaning Snow off Our Vehicles before Operating Them:

Rather than rushing out in a hurry to get to your destination and temporarily forgetting about the piles of snow and ice left on top or in the back of your car, My Limo makes it a point to spotlessly clean every area of the vehicle before leaving the lot.

Who knows better than to clean every inch of snow and ice off a vehicle than people working in the automobile industry?

We make sure to have this done because:

  • We want to offer the safest possible experience for our passenger.

  • It could be hazardous for other drivers on the road if this is not done. We do not want ice or snow blocking the vision of our drivers or any other neighboring car on the road.

  • We have all the professional equipment to properly clean a car after snow and bad weather conditions to make our vehicles pristine, presentable, and safe.

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