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5 Benefits to renting a limo/car service in the cold weather!

Stay away from Dangerous Driving Conditions

During the winter months the roads become cold and icy, making the risk of unsafe driving conditions shoot up. Snow, sleet, hail, black ice, and rain that could freeze to the payment could make any trip unpleasant, hard to handle and a risk of time not being on your side to get to your destination. Our Chauffeurs are trained and pre-plan for this kind of weather setbacks; assuring to provide every effort we have, to not make you late to the flight you need to catch, or dinner meeting you need to go to, and in the safest way possible. With the list of fastest routes, and experience in handling inclement weather, you can just sit back and not have to rush through the icy roads.

Why Spend Time Outside?

Our drivers pick you up right at the door of your house, and drop you off to the next door you need to walk in. This avoids those long cold walks across the parking lot, risk of ruining your clothing from the walk in harsh weather and struggles to have to worry about finding parking, that could all be deal breaking factors in the rush against time. With taking our chauffeur service you can have a stress free trip; so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy our door to door service avoiding the ice cold weather.

Car Worries in the Winter

The winter is definitely not your car’s favorite season. Everyone hears the annual horror stories with: your battery dying, car fluids freezing, car not starting, tire pressure and windshield wipers being effected… however, by going with a car/limo service you are simply not having to worry about these access conditions making you late or risk damaging your car going out in inclement weather. Just another thing to take off your plate for the day, so you can focus on what really matter: arriving to your destination on time and taking the car ride to prepare or relax as needed.

Instant Warmth

Everyone knows the struggle of rushing to get inside your car to get out of the cold as quick as possible…to only be disappointed that you are still cold until whenever your car decides to heat up. You do not have to waste the trip to go all the way out in the cold to the car, just to pre-start it when you go back out ten minutes later. My Limo pulls up with the car already toasty to your preferred setting, from the second you step in, for a relieved and comfortable ride.

Safety and Timing

We provide you a safe trip on the road, in any weather. Instead of worrying about pushing your car to the fastest speed it can go, pushing your cars abilities in icy weather, we take your safety and time of arrival at your destination very seriously. We come prepared with multiple routes to avoid traffic and get you there the fastest, in our safest vehicles made for unsafe weather. We take care of our customers, so you have a relaxed experience and have time to prepare for a big meeting, look over travel plans and terminal information, or just sit back and enjoy the ride to your destination without worrying about rushing to get there.

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